We offer a comprehensive service in virtual education thanks to the technology of CHAMILO .

Among the main characteristics of our service is:

  • Activation in your own domain.
  • Cloud Server (In the cloud) to offer the best performance.
  • Installation and customization of the Chamilo server (with the image of your institution)
  • Training for: Administrator, Teachers and Students through video manuals that guarantees correct learning.
  • Technical support for one year.

This guarantees that the service to be implemented in your educational institution is satisfactory.

General characteristics of Chamilo

Chamilo is under the GNU / GPLv3 license, for the management of E-learning or virtual learning, developed with the primary objective of improving access to education. It is supported by the Chamilo Association, a non-profit association, which aims to promote software for education.

The Chamilo project tries to ensure the availability and quality of education at a reduced cost through the free and open distribution of its software, the adaptation of its interface to devices in any country, providing a free access e-learning campus.

The Chamilo project was officially launched on January 18, 2010 by a considerable part of the active community of the project from which it was born, following growing disagreements over communication policy and a series of elections that left the community feeling insecure about the future of developments. Therefore, it is considered a fork of Dokeos (at least as far as the Chamilo LMS software is concerned). The reaction to the fork was immediate and 500 active users registered on the Chamilo forums within 2 weeks of its launch, and within a month new contributions were collected from the community that surpassed those of the previous year in Dokeos.

The origins of the Chamilo code date back to the year 2000, with the beginning of the Claroline project, which, in turn, suffered a fork in 2004 with the launch of the Dokeos project. In 2010, it suffered a new fork with the publication of Chamilo

Among the main functionalities is:

  • management of courses, users and training cycles (including web services in SOAP for remote management)
  • SCORM 1.2 support and quick authoring tools
  • multi-institution mode (with centralized management portal)
  • time-controlled exams
  • internationalization with UTF-8
  • time zones
  • automatic generation of certificates
  • user progress tracking
  • built-in social network, forums and blog

Pedagogical aspects

  • Chamilo is implemented in a way that allows the teacher to choose from a number of pedagogical methodologies, one of which is social constructivism.
  • The Chamilo software is built in a way that allows the teacher to take control and easily «disappear» so that the content follows its true place within the student experience.
  • Chamilo has a growing list of documentation resources available on content aggregation websites: youtube, SlideShare, Twitter, Vimeo,…
  • Check out the teacher and administration manuals on our documentation page …
  • Chamilo is used with students from 6 years to 80 years of age, within public and private structures, within educational or business institutions.







Our company offers a unique course on Chamilo for students, teachers and system administrators, thus facilitating meaningful learning of this magnificent LMS (Learning Management System).

Watch our presentation video:

Course for students

1. Introduction
2. Registration
3. Interface
4. Profile
5. Course interface
6. Course description
7. Links
8. Exercises
9. Forum
10. Users, Groups and Chat
11. Tasks
12. Surveys
13. Wiki
14. Evaluations
15. Glossary

Course for teachers

1. Introduction
2. Registration
3. Edit profile
4. Chamilo interface
5. Social Networks
6. Courses
7. Create courses
8. Course settings
9. Course interface
10. Course header
11. Tools header
12. Course description
13. Documents
14. Create documents
15. Links
16. Exercises
17. Announcements
18. Glossary
19. Assistance
20. Didactic programming
21. Agenda
22. Forums
23. Share Documents
24. Users and Groups
25. Chat
26. Tasks
27. Surveys
28. Wiki
29. Personal notes
30. Lessons
31. Evaluations
32. Blog Administration
33. Reports
34. Maintenance

Chamilo course for administrators

1. Introduction
2. List of users
3. Add user
4. Export users
5. Import users
6. Social media groups
7. User fields
8. Classes
9. List of courses
10. Create courses
11. Export and import course
12. Course category
13. Enroll users in courses
14. Platform
15. Manage Courses
16. Manage sessions
17. Manage languages
18. Manage users
19. Manage Modules
20. Manage Html
21. Manage security
22. Manage performance
23. Manage assessments
24. Manage time zone
25. Manage other items
26. Plugins and regions
27. Announcements
28. Agenda
29. Home and registration page
30. Statistics and reports
31. Sessions
32. Import and export sessions
33. Careers and promotions
34. Systems

If you want to implement this system in your college, university or educational institution, contact us.